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The California Artisanal Distillers Guild was formed in 2012 by 5 original members.  Our first President was Arthur Hartunian of Napa Valley Spirits, Vice President Lance Winters of St George Spirits and Secretary/Treasurer & Executive Director Cris Steller.  Since inception the CADG has successfully pursued 4 major pieces of legislation.


In 2013, the first bill,  AB 933 (D Skinner), allowed Tasting Rooms in California for distilled spirits.  We returned in 2015 to pass AB 1295 (D Gray/Levine) named the “Craft Distillers Act” and allowed for direct to consumer sales in our tasting rooms along with other significant opportunities.  In 2016, we passed a clean up piece of legislation that allowed importation of materials so California can continue to produce the varied distilled products we have become known for. In 2018, we increased the annual output cap to 150,000 gallons, eliminated the requirement of tasting before a bottle purchase, and the ability to donate to non-profit organizations.


The organization represents the interests of small (under 150,000 gallons) distillers within the state of California.  This industry started in California in 1982 with St. George, St. Germain and Charbay all jumping onto the world stage making creative brandies.  Since those early days we have grown in the last 10 years to have nearly 148 licenses in the state.


The California Artisanal Distillers Guild empowers California's craft distillers through protection, education and communication.

Our member companies have a strong commitment to promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol as well as fighting underage drinking and drunk driving. We accomplish this through responsible advertising, strict codes of conduct and other initiatives that educate the public on common-sense guidelines for drinking and setting an example of moderation to our youth.

We follow the DISCUS (Distilled Spirits Council of the United States) Code of Responsible Practices for Beverage Alcohol Advertising and Marketing. Read more about the DISCUS code here.

The primary function of the CADG is to provide a single and coherent political voice that represents the interests of all California craft distillers.


  • Protect and promote the art and craft of small-batch and artisanal distilled spirits making.

  • Enhance consumer awareness of California craft-made spirits

  • Work to grow and ensure the long term health of our industry.

  • Support legislation that allows California craft distillers to operate public tasting rooms and sell distilled spirits directly to consumers, much in the same way that wine and beer can be tasted and purchased at any California winery or brewery.

  • Support California's three-tier system of alcohol distribution.

  • Support California alcohol wholesalers and distributors who promote California craft-made spirits and the importance of California's role in our industry.

  • Support the California Visitation and Tourism Industries.

  • Support state and federal legislation that lowers manufacturing and excise taxes for craft-distillers.

  • Support California Small Business.

  • Support "Buy Local" Groups and Programs in California.

  • Support the California Farming Industry 

  • Support California suppliers of raw materials and packaging products.

  • Support California restaurants, bars and retail outlets who carry and promote California craft-made spirits.